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Sam Renascent is a musician, producer and actor

Dijlefeesten - Sam Renascent, Samuel Vekeman
Dijlefeesten_Sam Renascent_Samuel Vekeman
Sam Renascent, Samuel Vekeman drumming
Sam Renascent, Samuel Vekeman, Bacha and the band, drumming
KAMELEONIE_Tine Embrechts, Samuel Vekeman, Dimitri Leue, Sam Renascent
Kameleonie_Samuel Vekeman, Tine Embrechts, Sam Renascent
All Stars en Zonen seizoen 1, Sounds, Danny De Munck, Samuel Vekeman, Yannick Van De Velde.webp
All Stars en Zonen seizoen 1, Samuel Vekeman, Sam Renascent, Yannick Van De Velde, Alex Hendricks, Sabri Saddik, Joes Bra


Latest project: LOOS

A play written and directed by Dimitri Leue.
Four people are looking for comfort, with their deceased parent, with their unborn child. An adopted son (performed by Sam)  and a biological daughter (Inge Paulussen)  say goodbye to their father. A couple (Dimitri Leue and Clara Cleymans) with a desire to have children is forced by nature to think about adoption. The four lives are intertwined. Questions clash with answers. Expectations are adjusted. It turns out humor isn't the miracle remedy, but merely an empty distraction from pain.

LOOS Poster Sam Renascent, Dimitri Leue, Clara Cleymans, Inge Paulussen

Let's collaborate

Looking to collaborate with Sam on your next music project or book him for your theater or film?

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